Alami’s mission is not only about bringing distinctive quality Relationship coffee to our clients.

It is an ongoing, long term manifesto that creates a positive impact on producers, farmers and their communities. A mission that supports Indonesian youth on their quest of becoming future coffee professionals, while preserving the culture at origin and biodiversity of the land. This is what Alami Coffee is all about.

Luka Ondrisak


Pushing past sustainability into regeneration: We are partnered with coffee farmers who are dedicated to improving soil profile, social conditions and bean quality that deliver the finest cup Indonesia has to offer… because you are by nature precious.

Our Mission

Lots in our portfolio are the special ones we have literally fallen in love with. We are excited to share these delicate coffees from such passionate, innovative and socially oriented sustainable producers, with whom we have been working for years.

our coffees

We deal directly with our coffee farmers and value the transparency and close personal relationships we develop with them. Listening to their fascinating history, we are honored to journey through their story and be a part of Indonesian coffee culture.

our relationships

People are at the heart of Alami's ethos at every step of the way.

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Keen to try Alami? Reach out and get samples from passionate, innovative and socially oriented sustainable producers.

Distinctive, delicious, high quality, relationship coffee is our passion, our drive and a pillar of our foundations.